The mentorship program at the European Theological Seminary was officially launched during the 2015-2016 academic year. The intent of the program is for members of the faculty and staff to support students through one-on-one interactions during the school year.

The campus pastor assigns 2-4 students to each faculty/staff member for a minimum of three meetings per semester. Meetings are intended to be advisory for various academic, social, or spiritual issues that students may face as they study in the seminary community. While all of the students engage in mentoring at ETS, first-year students are now required to write their academic, social, ministerial, and spiritual objectives for the following semester as one of the components for the credit hour allotted to Community and Spiritual Formation.

The purpose of the mentorship program is to promote intentional dialogue that will aid in student development. Mentors will notify the campus pastor if their mentees require additional support for their mental well-being. Such support may include providing contact information for a trained psychologist or other options for on-campus counseling.