A two-year master’s degree with six modules per year and a final thesis. This degree is offered in conjunction with Lee University, USA, as a full-time study program or as an in-service program.  

Admission to the Program

  1. Students must possess a bachelor's degree (180 ECTS), preferably in theology or religious studies.  Students with a bachelor's degree in another study area are required to complete four modules as preparation courses, normally NT Greek and two other subjects.
  2. Since the study concept is postgraduate training, it requires at least one year of practical experience in the field of study, e.g. church ministry. Such experience must be documented by a mentor or supervisor and counts for 30 ECTS.

Course Offerings 2017-2019

Fall 2017
THEO 594   Special Topics: Theology Seminar LutherT. Cross9-13 Oct 2017S / N
BIBL 550HermeneuticsP. Schmidgall 20-24 Nov 2017   C / H
THEO 594Special Topics: German Pentecostalism C. Simpson18-22 Dec 2017C / H
Spring 2018
BIBL 570Book Study: Isaiah   R. Moore12-16 Mar 2018S / N
BIBL 594Second TempleP. Schmidgall  16-20 Apr 2018S / N
THEO 575Contemporary TheologyS. Jenkins11-15 Jun 2018C / H
Fall 2018
HEBR 501Hebrew IP. Schmidgall3-14 Sep 2018L / S
HEBR 502Hebrew IIP. Schmidgall   Fall 2018L / S
PHIL 552Philosophy of ReligionT. Cross8-12 Oct 2018C / H
THEO 573Pentecostal TheologyC. Simpson19-23 Nov 2018C / H
Spring 2019
MMST 534Practical TheologyC. SimpsonJan - Feb 2019S / N
THEO 553History of Doctrine IIT. Cross4-8 Mar 2019C / H
THEO 594Luther Reception in Pentecostal Theology   D. Courey15-19 Apr 2019S / N
THEO 580TrinityT. Cross10-14 Jun 2019C / H
Fall 2018 & 2019
THEO 598ThesisT. CrossFall 18 & 19C / H


C / H = Core Course
S / N = Supplementary Course
L / S = Language

Last Update: 15.01.2018

Fees: 510.- EUR/Module

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