A two-year master's degree program with six modules per year and a final thesis. This degree is offered by Lee University, USA, as a full-time or part-time in-service model. It is recommended that students who may wish to study further should choose the master's thesis rather than the final comprehensive examination. The MSc in Marriage and Family Studies is especially geared toward church workers who intend to focus on family or marriage counseling in their churches.

Admission to the Program

  1. Students must possess a bachelor's degree (180 ECTS).
  2. Since the study concept is postgraduate training, it requires at least one year of practical experience working in the study area, e.g. church ministry. Such experience must be documented by a mentor or supervisor and counts for 30 ECTS.

Module Overview 2017-2019

Fall 2017
MAFT 541   Family Stress and ResilienceDr. Gorbacheva11-15 Sep 2017
MAFT 543Personality TheoryDr. Sargent 09-13 Oct 2017
MAFT 533Human SexualityDr. H. Quagliana11-15 Dec 2017
Spring 2018
MAFT 547Cultural Contexts of Clinical Counseling   Dr. Sargent5-9 Mar 2018
MAFT 531System TheoryDr. Großklaus    23-27 Apr 2018
COUN 561   Counseling Children and AdolescentsDr. Albright4-8 Jun 2018
Fall 2018
MAFT 511Introduction to Marriage and Family Studies   Dr. Großklaus3-7 Sep 2018
MAFT 523Human Growth and DevelopmentDr. Gorbacheva      15-19 Oct 2018
COUN 520Counseling Theories and TechniquesDr. Großklaus10-14 Dec 2018
Spring 2019
MAFT 516Christian Perspectives in Helping Professions (Online)   Dr. D. Quagliana   Jan-Feb 2019
MAFT 555Research Methods   Dr. Gorbacheva18-22 Mar 2019
MAFT 514PsychopathologyDr. D. Quagliana3-7 Jun 2019
Fall 2019
COUN 599ThesisDr. MillironFall 2019

Last Update: 12.06.2017

Fees: 510.- EUR/Module

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