Diploma in Theology


The ESCM second year “Certificate in Theology” course provides training for church workers in different areas of Christian ministry (Pastoral ministry, Evangelism and Missions, Christian Education, Children’s and Youth Work, Christian Care, Music Ministries, etc). In addition, a core of Biblical-Theological studies training will be offered. Completion of the Diploma in Theology will also require a part-time Practical Ministry Internship over two years (this should involve a minimum of ten hours per week).  This may run concurrently with the final two years of study and must have the oversight of an experienced mentor and/or attendance in an accountability group of fellow students.  It reflects an advanced academic level compared to the Certificate in Theology and compares to the second year of studies at ETS.


Certificate in Theology or its equivalent.

  1. To acquire a broader and deeper understanding of Scripture and learn from the historical and theological heritage of the Church with the purpose of integrating it into Christian ministry;
  2. To train and acquire necessary skills for different areas of Christian ministry;
  3. To integrate the learning into ministry practice and facilitate (under supervision) the development of ministry skills;
  4. To foster personal character formation and spiritual enrichment, and interpersonal, relational and leadership skills.
Credit transfer

Credits earned in the Diploma in Theology course are transferable where applicable into the ETS residency programme for obtaining the Vocational Bachelor. Therefore students intending to pursue their studies in the residency program should: 1. Consult the catalogue of the residency programme and opt for a concentration; 2. Select carefully their courses in accordance with the requirements of the respective area of concentration within which to make a partial completion of the Diploma in Theology programme.

Teacher Qualifications

Ideally teachers should hold a Master’s degree, but at the very least a Bachelor degree in biblical studies, theology, music, Christian education or related areas, and have experience in the teaching or supervising area. 

Course Syllabi

Course syllabi for the Diploma in Theology are written under the supervision of the ESCM Director in conjunction with the ETS Academic Dean. They must be approved in advance in order to warrant both compliance with the requirements of the residency programme and transferability.

Evaluation of Student Learning

The evaluation of learning is carried out by the teachers according to the guidelines of the ESCM manual and under the supervision of the ESCM Director. Grading and record keeping should be in conformity with ESCM guidelines.

Senior paper requirement

In order to give evidence of having acquired the skills to research and share his findings with others, and to show the student’s ability to integrate theory with practice every student is expected to write a 40-page paper (in accordance with accepted paper-writing guidelines,) in at least one subject in each area of studies, Bible, Historical and Theological and Applied Theology. A copy is to be kept on file with the student’s records by the respective Extension site registrar.


The curriculum of the Diploma in Theology includes a selection of Diploma-level course offerings (200-300 level) of the residency program. The courses offered at the ETS extension sites are, in spite of necessary contextualisation, to be fully comparable in scope and academic level to those offered on the main campus. Training in the following areas of studies is prescribed as stated for completion of the training:


  Course No.    Course Title ECTS 
 Bible NT 201/6 Mark / Acts 3
 NT 203/4/5 1 Corinthians/Hebrews/Pastoral Epistles    3
 OT 201/2  Deuteronomy/OT Poetic Literature   3
 EL 205 Field Ministry II 3
 History & Theological Studies    HS 201 Church History I 3
 TS 201 Systematic Theology I 3
 TS 301 Christian Ethics 3
 EL 206 Field Ministry II 3
 Internship & Senior Paper EL 400 Professional Internship 30
 EL 401 Senior Paper in Church Ministries 6

Diploma in Theology – TOTAL OF 60 ECTS