Blayne Waltrip

Dr. Blayne Waltrip currently serves as Vice-President of External Academic Development for the European Theological Seminary. He is married to Dr. Angie Waltrip and they were missionaries for several years in Europe. In France, Dr. Waltrip served as a youth pastor in the Paris area and assisted a church plant in Montpellier. The Waltrips have one daughter, Angelina Noëlle Waltrip, who was born in 2004. The Waltrips were appointed in 2005 to the faculty of ETS, where they served for five years. While teaching at ETS, the Waltrips were developing a team of students to pioneer an international (multi-cultural/multi-lingual) church in the nearby city of Strasbourg, France. They returned to the USA so Dr. Waltrip could finish his Ph.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2011. While on furlough, the Waltrips taught one year as “Missionaries-in-Residence” within the Intercultural Studies program at Lee University. Dr. Waltrip is currently Assistant Professor of Global Mission and Church Development on special contract at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and teaches online for Lee University. In addition, Dr. Waltrip is a global missionary educator. He has taught at several schools around the world, including SEMISUD (South American Seminary) in Ecuador, ASCM (Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries) in the Philippines, FFTB (Theological Training School of Brussels) in Belgium and Discipleship College in Kenya. In addition to teaching at schools, he trains pastors, leaders and church planters in churches, seminars and conferences, especially in secular, post-Christian contexts. Dr. Waltrip is also helping leaders to develop training and education in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and a few nations in Europe. In addition, he is working with the Church of God in Scotland to launch a new accredited global training program called the Institute of Ministry and Leadership Development (IMLD).