Building the Future

Do you want an investment with an eternal result? Do you want to have an impact upon the lives of others? Do you want to be the channel through which God sends his blessings? Do you want to change the lives of others for the good? Now is your chance!
Together we want to build the future of 30 young people. Make a difference in a world of indifference! With just one brick a month! 


Save the Date

In 2018 ETS will be hosting a big celebration to mark its 70th anniversary. Meet your former classmates… Relive the joy of your school years… Come and celebrate with us! Unforgettable moments await you – and a few surprises. So save the date in your calendar today. Please share this message so it reaches all ETS alumni. We look forward to seeing you again!

Upcoming Events

Date Title Location
24.11. – 26.11.2017 VEF Visit ETS
01.12.2017 Student Forum ETS
11.12. – 15.12.2017 Masters Programme Course (MSMFS) ETS
12.12.2017 Christmas Fellowship ETS
18.12. – 22.12.2017 Masters Programme Course (MABS) ETS
18.12. – 21.12.2017 Final Examinations ETS
20.12.2017 Final Worship Service ETS
08.01. – 02.03.2018 Practicum Semester

Looking for a Christ-centered education that expects something great from you and helps you achieve it? ETS might be your place. ETS supports, expands, cultivates, and sharpens. ETS transforms.

ETS gives you the opportunity to discover your purpose, make a difference, and forge life-long bonds. Here you find an atmosphere where you can invest in the intellectual, spiritual, artistic, and social fabric of your community.

ETS is committed to fostering a diverse, student-focused learning community devoted to Christ-centered excellence. Each member of our faculty, administration and staff is vital to that pursuit.

Your experiences contribute to the history of the university. Every person who has stepped onto campus has shaped it, and now you take your piece of ETS history and plant it into the world around you every day.