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European Theological Seminary operates from funds provided by offerings and gifts from members of the Church of God , donations from friends of the school, Church of God World Missions , and student tuition.

Overview of student fees:

Student Fees for 2015/16
Per Year
Per Semester
Tuition for full time students 3,264.– € 1,632.– €
Room and Board 3,264.– € 1,632.– €
Surcharge for Single Room 357.– € 178.50 €
102.– €
51.– €
Health Insurance
600.– €
300.– €
Application fee (includes personality test)
50.– €
Graduation fee
100.– €


The room and board charges include full meal service, dormitory accommodations and laundry service at the school during the fall and spring semesters, but not during Christmas and Easter breaks or during the summer internships. Special arrangements apply to the off-campus internships, with meal services and accommodations provided free of charge at the various places of ministry.

The tuition fee covers all prescribed and elective courses during the semester or the school year. Not included are the special fees for applied music courses, such as instrumental and voice instruction. (Music majors are exempt from these additional fees, since the courses are mandatory.)

Students who are not living in the dormitories of the Seminary are charged only tuition fees. However, they may take meals at the school for which the following student and staff rates apply:

Breakfast: 4 €; Lunch: 6 €; Supper: 5 €

All full-time students are required by law to be covered by health insurance. A written verification of current coverage is to be presented to the seminary at the beginning of each school year.

The cost of insurance is to be carried by the student unless he or she is still covered through a family policy of the parents. Insurance for disability or pension can be maintained without paying premiums during the stay at the school.

For required textbooks, a student should expect to spend about 250.– € per year. The one year internship fee amounts to 500.– €.

Instructional course fees for students and part-time students per ECTS amounts to 125.– € (100.– €: BTS, CoG, CoGoP).

Payment Schedule

One half of the annual student fees for tuition, room, board and laundry are payable at the beginn ing of the school year (not later than September 30). The second half is payable at the beginning of the second semester (not later than January 30).

Fees for electives are to be paid at the beginning of the semester. A monthly penalty fee (according to the normal bank interests for overdrafts) will be charged on unpaid balances.

Student Aid

The seminary grants a 10% discount on the general tuition fee when two or more students of an immediate family are enrolled full-time at the same time.

For qualified students coming from EU countries, there may be the possibility of receiving financial aid from the government. The European Theological Seminary is registered with the Ministry of Education in Baden-Württemberg as a professional school for the purpose of financial aid (BAföG).


Last updated: October 2015