John Alex

ETS is not only my second home, but also a place where I can get closer to God and His calling in my life. It is a place where academical excellence meets high Spiritual discipline. The teachers are not only highly qualified but also with long and great spiritual experiences. The priority for the devotional and prayerful live helps me a lot to develop a much better discipline in my life. Being away from my family and my lovely brothers was not very easy for me, but God has given me such a great circle of friends here, which makes every second of my life count. During the studies here, I also have opportunities to take part in different ministries. Every day God is blessing me and helping me to see His greatness and to feel His presence. So looking back to my decision of joining ETS, I can only say: “I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity, because there is absolutely no better place for me to be at this time.”

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