My ETS Campaign

Dear Friends and Alumni,

we are grateful for another good year with an all time enrollment record of about 150 students. But with all the blessings we have received, ETS cannot make it without your help. We depend on you to make ETS, your ETS, and to become a sponsor of the MyETS Campaign!

At this point in time, we need your support more than ever! With the continuing economic crisis, ETS has been receiving less and less support from abroad. Also, since we are in the process of preparation for university status this represents an additional financial challenge. If all our Friends and Alumni could continue to cooperate and could give 10 Euro per month, with over 1.000 Friends and Alumni, we would be able to achieve the sum of 120,000 Euro annually. Ten Euro per month! That is an amount everyone can afford! As part of our planned accreditation as a university, it is very important that our financial support not only comes from America, but also from Friends and Alumni from Europe!

Join MyETS now!

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